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What to expect

Nettie's Party Pals and Petting zoo is completely mobile and will come to your special event year round. Kids find excitement in being around live animals where they can touch, pet, and feed and ride them. Adults can also experience the same excitement as the kids, especially seeing all the smiles on children’s faces when they can hug a goat or ride a pony.
Our ponies are hand-led by one of our experienced and friendly staff. We will make sure each child is enjoying the ride while ensuring their safety.

We comply with all USDA Federal requirements and standards for animal health and safety. Just like any pet, our animals receive routine veterinary care and vaccinations.
Please understand that animals can be very unpredictable and Netties Party Pals cannot be responsible for injuries. We also are not liable for illnesses, outbreaks or allegories that may occur while enjoying our petting zoo and party animals. Please consult your physician before hiring Netties Party Pals to make sure everyone has an enjoyable experience with us!
While we recommend thoroughly washing your hands after handling animals we also offer hand sanitization to all your party guests. Also, no open toe shoes around the animals.

Question and Answers:

Q. What is considered an event?
A. An event is a larger function such as one for a school or church. (Anything other than something smaller like a private birthday party for example).

Q. How do I book an event with Netties Party Pals?
A. All events must be done on an individual bases and must be booked with Nettie or a staff member.

Q. What if I need to cancel an event? Do you need a 30 day written notice?
A. Yes, you will need to submit a 30 day written notice, in advance and you should receive a confirmation from us. Below is our cancellation policy:
Attention for Events: (Cancellation Policy)

Anyone booking an event with Netties Party Pals understands that by paying their deposit or sending in a contract, they are fully responsible for the full amount of Netties Party Pals charges for their event.

Q: Do I need to get any Party Permits?
A: Some parties that are held in public places may require a permit.
(Such as parks country clubs, ect. ) No Permit is required for a customers home.
Netties Party Pals are Not responsible for getting customers permits.
Netties Party Pals will not issue a refund if we are asked to leave due to
customer not having their permit. Customer understands and agrees
that they still must pay full cost of their party. So if you have questions, give us a call.

Q: What happens if it is raining the day of my party?
A: We perform parties rain or shine. If you have scheduled a pony ride, we can substitute a petting zoo should you not have a large enough enclosure such as a two or three car garage. If the weather is severe such as hail or lightening, we will either find you a new party date or refund your deposit.

Q: How much does it cost for a petting zoo or pony party?
A: Pricing is based on location, how far we must drive. So you need to call us to find out cost to your area, as well as if you wish to have more animals than our regular package.

Q: Our party has a theme, can the ponies be dressed up to match the theme?
A: Yes, we can work with you to dress the ponies up to match the theme of your party. Please contact us at: 951-897-8612 . All of our costumes are custom made to suit your party needs. There is a small fee.

Q: What kind of animals are included in the petting zoo?
A: The animals that are included in the petting zoo are Exotic looking rabbits, mini goats, mini sheep, exotic looking chickens, mini duck , long necked ducks, mini pig. From 15 to 18 animals. For alpacas, mini horse or lama there is an extra cost.

Q: I own a dog(s). Are they allowed to be around during the pony rides or petting zoo?
A: Please keep all dogs put away or inside during the petting zoo and pony rides event. Many dogs are not used to being around ponies and farm animals and may there for pose a risk to our animals such as biting the heels of a pony or attacking rabbits which is a serious safety hazard. This policy is strictly enforced for the safety of the children, the animals and the dog(s).

Q: I have some young and older children at the party. What is the weight limit?
A: Our weight limit for our miniature ponies is 75lbs for the safety of our customers and ponies. We do have larger ponies that can hold around 100 pounds please let us know in advance.

Q: How many ponies will I need for my party?
A: We recommend 1 pony for up to 20 children, 2 ponies for up to 40 children and so on. Just remember if you invite say 35 kids not all will show up . Out of the kids that do show up there are always a couple that don't ride. So you will be fine with one pony. The kids go back and forth from zoo to pony so they get several rides.

Q: How do you do the pony rides?
A: All our pony rides are hand-led by an experienced and friendly staff member. We do not use pony sweeps. Ponies get very depressed being hooked up and made to go round and round. We feel that hand-led pony rides are more exciting for the children and the ponies. Remember: No open toed shoes allowed around the animals or ponies. We don't want them stepping on those toes!

Q: We are having a pool party, is this ok?
A: If you are having a pool party, please be sure that all children are completely dried before riding the ponies. Wet bathing suits are not permitted on our saddles.

Q: Will the animals eat our trees or garden?
A: The answer is yes, the animals will eat any vegetation if the setup is on or within reach of the vegetation.
Please be sure to have a flat, safe area , preferably grassy area for us to set up on away from reachable trees or garden.
Please note: we are not responsible for damage to grass, flowers, trees, sprinkler heads, bushes, branches, property, potted plants, etc. Our staff will do everything to ensure a safe and enjoyable party for all your guests.

Q: What happens if the animals go to the bathroom during the party?
A: We will pick up manure and dispose of it.

Q: We use pesticides and fertilizer in our yard, will this be a problem?
A: YES, animals cannot be on or around surfaces that have been treated with fertilizer or insecticides within the past 7 days due to the danger of poisoning.

Q: Do you require a deposit to book a party?
A: Yes, we require a $100 deposit to book your party.

Remember your party is NOT booked if you just send in a contract. Your party date is NOT held until the deposit is in, so do not wait . We get many calls in a day. Things can change in mins. Deposits are refundable only if, Rain prevents service - Must be really raining Not Drizzling and notice is given 4 hours before service time on the day of the party.

Q: When is the balance due?
A: The balance is due the day of the party via CASH only.

PLEASE NOTE: The day of the party your balance is due. We will only accept CASH.

Q: Can I book my party online?
A: Yes, but you must speak to Nettie or a staff member first 951-897-8612 to make sure the date is open and get pricing. Then you may go to our reservation page and fill out our online service agreement contract. On the same page if you scroll down you will see, pay here by PAY PAL . You may pay as a guest if you do not have a pay pal account. On Pay Pal you may pay by credit card if you wish. This is the fastest way to book us.

Q: Are you fully insured?
A: We are fully insured and licensed with the USDA. We meet or exceed all requirement of the Animal Welfare Act.

Q: When do you arrive?
A: We arrive about 20 to 30 mins. early to set up. If you book an event we will of course come sooner.

Q: What areas do you service?
A: We service Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernadino and San Diego County.




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